Per BSA regulations, scout parents who intend to be involved with the troop and volunteer in ANY capacity are required to provide the troop with valid clearances. Recognizing that parents frequently pitch in last minute to drive for an outing, cover a fundraising shift, or help with an event, Troop 597 requests clearances from ALL parents. We believe that this policy is in the best interest of the scouts for their safety.

Recently, we conducted an audit of our clearances and training records and discovered that several forms are missing. Over the next few weeks, please see Krisann to make sure she has the appropriate documentation. The documents needed are:

  • PA Child Abuse Clearance (less than 5 years old)
  • PA Criminal Record Check (less than 5 years old)
  • Hawk Mountain disclosure form
  • Certificate of Youth Protection Training –

For parents new to the troop or missing clearances, Hawk Mountain’s link for PA Background Checks is especially helpful:

Questions? See Krisann Selbst, Committee Chairperson. 610-223-3260 or